C6 Software Releases

Your Rhino C6 is updated throughout it's device lifecycle, no later than 90 days after Google releases their monthly bulletins for security releases, and more often for additional security or functionality fixes as reported by customers and partners.

When an update is released for a Rhino device, it may take a period of time for the device to download, update, and ultimately reboot into the new software version. Network conditions, enterprise policies, global replication across OTA servers, and more may all impact the time taken for the update to become available.

The releases below are in date order (newest > oldest). For release information, please click the build number of a release, or to directly download the update (either incremental or full) click the respective download icon.

Scheduled releases

Below are scheduled releases currently undergoing development and/or approval. The ETA provided is a guide and not a firm commitment.

SKU Type Build # SPL ETA


SKU Type Build # SPL OTA Full
001 MR C6(001)_20231201 Decemeber 01, 2023

SKU - The unique software branch. Global is 001, for reference.
Type - The type of release: maintenance (MR), security (SMR), launch (LR), or initial (IR).
Build # - The build number of the software release.
SPL - The Security Patch Level applied, these are published by Google monthly, and applied to Rhino devices on a 90 day basis.
OTA - The OTA file containing the standard, incremental update normally sent to devices. Use ADB sideload or SD upgrade to update.
Full - The OTA file containing the full update package which can be applied over any previous software version to bring the device up to date immediately, avoiding multiple incremental updates. Use ADB sideload or SD upgrade to update.

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