This release includes security and stability improvements, including the November SPL & an LCD driver fix to address reported screen issues.

This build has been published as a cumulative update, targeting multiple prior builds in addition to the previous 20211008. All prior incremental build release notes are not captured here, please see the relevant targeted builds below for details of changes.

Build date: November 26th, 2021
Build type: Security Maintenance Release (SMR)
Security patch level: November 05
Build version: T8(001)_20211126
OTA targets build: T8(001)_20211008, T8(001)_20210806, T8(001)_20210709, T8(001)_20210605, T8(001)_20210121, T8(001)_20201127, T8(001)_20201017

Download 20211008 update package
Download 20210806 update package
Download 20210709 update package
Download 20210605 update package
Download 20210121 update package
Download 20201127 update package
Download 20201017 update package


Android CVEs disclosed by Google

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See the bulletin.


No CVEs disclosed for this release

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