This update resolves an issue with high availability SIM network carrier reporting, resolves an issue with fully managed data usage, improves performance, applies the July 2020 security updates and resolves some missing earlier CVE patches from 2019.

NB: This update targets two factory-preloaded versions of the software not made available via OTA: MR 20200714, and initial release (IR) 0526.

Build date: August 08th, 2020
Build type: Security Maintenance Release (SMR)
Security patch level: July 05
Build version: T8(001CE)_20200807
OTA targets build: T8(001CE)_20200714, T8(001)_20200526

Download update package from 0526
Download update package from 0714


Android CVEs disclosed by Google

CVE Severity
CVE-2020-0122 High
CVE-2020-0227 High
CVE-2020-9589 Critical
CVE-2020-0224 Critical
CVE-2018-20669 High
CVE-2019-18282 High
CVE-2019-20636 Critical


CVE Severity
CVE-2020-0230 High
CVE-2020-0231 High
CVE-2020-0228 High


No CVEs disclosed for this release

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