This release provides security and stability improvements, performance improvements, driver updates to accommodate 2nd source components for extended availability, and the April SPL from Google.

This is a large update, distributed as a FULL OTA to avoid any potential issues due to bundled driver updates and system changes. It is recommended this is distributed over Wi-Fi (and is set to do so for 21 days through typical OTA policies, EMM policies may adjust this).

Build date: Apr 25th, 2022
Build type: Security Maintenance Release (SMR)
Security patch level: Apr 05
Build version: T8(001)_20220425
OTA targets build: T8(001)_20220311, T8(001)_20220108, T8(001)_20211126, T8(001)_20211008, T8(001)_20210806, T8(001)_20210709, T8(001)_20210605

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Android CVEs disclosed by Google

See the bulletin.


See the bulletin.


No CVEs disclosed for this release

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